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Jaze Cloud Wi-Fi - Overview

Jaze Cloud Wi-Fi solution empowers businesses to provide completely cloud-managed hotspots across distributed locations managed from a single dashboard.

Our next generation cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution enables businesses to provide Internet access for their visitors with configurable workflows and customizable choices for credential delivery.

It also provides businesses with a social marketing and advertising channels to promote their brands and services. Our cloud architecture gives customers the ability to manage and monitor access points and users across multiple locations from a centralised dashboard.

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Cloud Architecture
Our next generation cloud managed hotspot platform lets you manage hotspots distributed across geographic locations from a single dashboard.
Flexible Credential Delivery Mechanisms
Choose from a range of workflows including pre-printed vouchers and SMS for delivering the Wi-Fi credentials to the visitors.
Social Marketing
Get customer's to LIKE your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter to get to know your customers and promote your brand and services.
Multi-site Management
Manage access-points and visitor access across multiple locations from a single dashboard and effortlessly make policy changes.
Usage Logs and Reports
Get detailed usage logs of the activity of the visitors on your network and generate reports.
Plug and Play Deployment
Deploy a fully functional hotspot by just plugging in the access-points into your network and start providing wi-fi access to your visitors.
Cloud managed Access Points
Our Access-Points are completely cloud managed allowing administrators to configure them from the cloud and manage them from our cloud dashboard.
Powerful Policy Enforcement
Create usage plans to have control over the bandwidth, time limit, usage limit and device limit for each visitor.
Custom Landing Pages
Our customizable welcome pages enable you to provide a custom look and feel with pages adaptive on all screen sizes.
Targeted Advertising
Provides you with a marketing platform to deliver targeted ads and promotions to your visitor's devices.
In-depth Analytics
We provide you with in-depth analytics on your visitors through integration with social marketing platforms.
Legal Compliance
Our solution is compliant with the laws regarding public Wi-Fi access at hotspots and we log the required information for legal compliance.
One time sign-in
User needs to sign-in only for the first time and the entire user acitivity can be tracked anytime he uses his device again.
Bring Your Own Device
Our enterprise class BYOD engine lets you manage and enforce identity based policies on the devices in your network.
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Cloud Managed

Our next generation scalable cloud architecture allows you to deploy and manage access-points and hotspots over multiple locations from a single dashboard. Our cloud-managed solution lets you deploy policies and monitor access-points and visitor devices from the central cloud dashboard from any Internet connected device. This allows for a single administrator to manage the entire infrastructure resulting in significant reduction in operational expense.

Customizable Login Workflows

Our cloud-managed wi-fi solution enables businesses to distribute the credentials to the visitors in multiple ways. You can choose to hand out pre-printed vouchers comprising of a one-time password or have the visitor type in his mobile number to deliver the credentials directly to his mobile phone via SMS or have a combination of both.

Targeted Ads

We provide you with the ability to display targeted ads on the landing pages once your visitors connect to your Wi-Fi network. Regular customers can be targeted and can be provided with discounts and offers across all your business locations powered by our solution.

Social Engagement

Our solution can be integrated with social marketing platforms like Facebook and Twitter so that visitors can Like or Follow your social media pages. This gives you insights on the demographics of your visitors and enables you to promote your brand and services through social media platforms.

Usage Policy

We collect and maintain complete logs of the visitor activity on your hotspots including the time they used your network, their device details, etc. You can also generate detailed reports of the information collected. This also helps you comply with the legal regulations for providing Wi-Fi access at your hotspots.

Insights and Analytics

Administrators can choose the type of plan for Wi-Fi access to their visitors at each location with precise control over the bandwidth, time limit, usage limit and number of devices so that each visitor gets a fair share without affecting another visitor's browsing experience.

Jaze Cloud-WiFi
Use Cases
Coffee Shops
Empowers coffee shops and cafe chains to provide Wi-Fi access to their customers to enhance their experience and market their brand.
Airport Lounges
Provide passengers and business travellers at airport lounges with Wi-Fi Internet access with automated credential delivery and access policies.
Provide Wi-Fi access to your visitors at public hotspots such as libraries, clubs and convention centres without compromising security.
Engage your customers by providing Wi-Fi access at restaurants and enhance customer experience.Our solution empowers you engage customers and reach out to them through social media and establish customer loyalty.
Our solution is suitable for deployment at stadiums and sporting venues to enhance audience experience through social media interactions like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sports websites.
Convention Centres
Enables you to provide wifi at public hotspots to visitors inside the premises. Jaze Hotspot Gateway gives you the ability to track and monitor your users and the devices in the network from the centralized management platform.

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