Jaze ISP Manager
Centralized end-to-end ISP management solution...
Jaze ISP Manager - Overview

Jaze ISP Manager enables Internet Service Providers(ISPs) to centrally manage end-to-end operations of their business.

Jaze ISP Manager provides complete AAA, billing and operations management modules and integrates with a wide range of leading NAS equipment including Cisco ASR 1000 and 9000 series, Juniper MX series, Huawei NetEngine and Mikrotik routers.

The solution supports flexible deployment options including cloud-hosting on a SaaS model and on-premise deployment as well.

All aspects of your ISP business starting from lead management to provisioning, subscriber life cycle management, policy enforcement, billing and franchisee management, self-service portals, customer mobile apps, helpdesk management, inventory management and much more.

The solution is also designed to scale out to more than 2,50,000 subscribers in a single deployment also with redundancy and high-availability built into every aspect of the application.

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Centralized Management across multiple sites
A centralized console to centrally manage and monitor all users and devices on your network.
Integrates with existing network equipment
Designed to work with networking equipment from any vendor like Mikrotik, Cisco, Juniper etc.. with support for both controller based and stand-alone access points.
Support for multiple authentication methods
Provides tight security through Authentications like MAC, Hotspot, PPPoE.
APIs for integration with billing, CRM and helpdesk portals
Gives you the ability to integrate with billing, CRM and helpdesk portals with the provided APIs.
Hardware, software-based and cloud deployment options
Provides flexibility in choosing the kind of deployment.
Comprehensive Session and Usage Logs
View and download logs and usage reports with detailed client information for analysis or for legal and audit purposes.
Individual and site-wise Traffic graphs
Support tools like MRTG to monitor the traffic load on the network links,it provide a LIVE visual representation of this traffic which can also be downloaded.
TRAI and DoT compliance reports
The reports are generated conforming the rules of TRAI and DoT.
Cusomizable SMS & Email Notifications
Customizable SMS & Email Notifications for user onboarding with options to suit a variety of use cases.
Multiple roles and franchisee management
Manage access-points and visitor access across multiple locations from a single dashboard and effortlessly make policy changes..
Subscriber Self Service Portal
The Self Service Portal enables user management, session monitoring, router configuration etc...
Indepth Reports and Analytics
Get detailed insights on the usage and activity of the users and devices on your network.
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Jaze ISP Manager can be integrated with NAS and BRAS equipment from Cisco, Juniper, Huawei and Mikrotik. It also provides flexibility for multiple authentication methods including PPPoE, IP-MAC Auth, IPoE, Portal-based and Leased Lines. The solution also provides powerful traffic shaping and plan management with separate peering and caching policies. This allows you to selectively provide different policies for different types of traffic thus enabling customers to provide differentiated services. Jaze ISP Manager’s built-in RADIUS based AAA engine ensures high availability with active-active redundancy and scalability to more than 250 thousand subscribers.

Subscriber Management

Jaze ISP Manager enables you to manage your subscribers’ life cycle from the point of first contact with your organization. Subscribers traverse through multiple stages starting with lead to feasibility assessment to document verification and approval. The solution helps you completely automate the provisioning and onboarding of subscribers to your network, manage the allocation of IP addresses, network equipment and assignment of plans.

Plan Management

Our policy management engine lets you create and deploy complex plans for your users with Fair Usage Policies, Data Usage limits, Timing based plans and RADIUS derived vendor attributes. Traffic shaping rules for different traffic flows can be configured including separate bandwidth limits on peering traffic (eg. Google, Akamai, etc) and traffic delivered from cache(HTTP and P2P cache).

Billing and Payment Management

Completely automate your billing with flexible billing options for prepaid, postpaid, pay-as-you-go and PIN based billing models with automated billing notifications through SMS. Automate payment collections with payment gateway integration and customer mobile app for payment management.

Franchisee Management

Expand your business across multiple sites with ease with our powerful franchisee management module. You can manage multiple sites with multiple hierarchies across distributed locations and define roles and rights to franchisee operators and administrators with complex business and revenue sharing models. Jaze ISP Manager lets you define management of taxes between franchisees with policy definition on management of Service Tax, AGR fees and TDS deductions. Franchisees can also view in real time their account balance and lets you define credit limits for each franchisee. Payments can also be managed by collection by any level in the hierarchy.

Customer Portal

Provide your customers with an intuitive and responsive self-service customer portal for managing customer interactions. The look and feel of the portal can be customized through a simple HTML editor. The fields and options displayed on the customer portal can be altered according to your choice. The customer portal can be accessed through mobile app on Android and iOS devices. Subscribers can view and pay bills, access information on usage and change plans directly from the portal.


Jaze ISP Manager provides the complete logs and reports required for TRAI and DoT compliance. Our solution enables you to completely log Session Log records along with IP and subscriber detail. The application also logs NAT translations and source NAT logs and redirects them to FTP after compression. The solution can also integrate with devices on Netflow for log parsing and storage. Additionally, the solution also enables capturing LI logs and CALEA compliance logs. The solution also provides the capability to integrate on SNMP for MRTG graphing on per user and interface basis for capturing traffic usage statistics.

Process Management

Enforce business controls and process checks in your application by enabling stakeholder approval for business workflows. Administrators can create approval hierarchies and model business functions so that approvals can be made from the process request queues at different administrator levels in order for activities to progress.

Helpdesk Management

Automate your support processing by capturing issues and tickets from multiple sources. The support system can be integrated with your call-centre application to automatically raise tickets against respective subscribers. Tickets can also be classified based on the type of ticket and the support engineer designated for the type of issue. Tickets can be flexibly assigned to the corresponding franchise with priority and escalation matrix defined so that your tickets are always fulfilled within your committed SLA.

Lead Management

Jaze ISP Manager helps you streamline your sales process by capturing leads from your marketing campaigns and incoming calls and then assigning them to your franchisees or your technical team for feasibility analysis. Leads can be classified into different types based on their location and expected time to close the sale. Leads can then be converted to accounts after CAF collection and then after verification by respective teams and upon completion of on-field work, the accounts can be activated into active subscribers.

Inventory Management

Our in-build inventory management system helps you maintain stock of all your network equipment and other accessories. We provide you complete visibility from the time of procurement of goods to allocation of equipment to technician upon approval and deployment at customer premises. You can also track complete information including the deployment date, location, serial numbers and warranty of all assets in your organisation.

Powerful API

We provide a complete REST API for all functionality in the application to help you create your own applications and mobile apps. You can also trigger function calls and exchange data with any external application to smoothly integrate the application with existing apps in your organisation. You can also create customized business logic by using API calls from your own app and also create your own reports by using data fetched from the API.

Key features of Jaze ISP Manager
1) Authentication
- PPoE Authenticattion
- Portal-based Login
- MAC based Auth
2) Policy Delivery
- Bandwidth Allocation
- Usage Quotas
- Fair Usage Policies
- Flexible Plans
3) Centralised
- Role-based Access
- Franchisee Roles
- Multi-Site Management
- Centralised Hosting
4) Subscriber management
- User Life Cycle Management
- Self-service portal
- Usage reports and graphs