Jaze ISP manager
Centralized end-to-end ISP management solution...

Jaze ISP Manager enables Internet Service Providers to centrally manage subscribers across multiple sites with flexible plan and policy delivery with comprehensive compliance reports.

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  • Subscriber Management

    Jaze ISP manager enables you to manage users and plans across multiple locations from a central dashboard with hierarchial access levels for each administrator.

  • Usage Plan Management

    Create and manage flexible usage plans with customizable bandwidth management options and fair usage policies.

  • Billing Management

    Our comprehensive billing engine lets you create fully customizable prepaid and postpaid billing plans with automated invoicing, payment gateway integration and mobile app for payment collection.

  • Compliance Reports

    Get complete reports and compliance repors including NAT logs, session details, user details and MRTG graphs.

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Jaze Access Manager enables enterprises and large campuses to authenticate users on the network and enforce identity based policies to provide a complete BYOD solution.

  • Device Onboarding

    Get all your users and devices registered, put them into appropriate user repositories and get them online effortlessly.

  • Policy Enforcement

    Manage policies including bandwidth, usage quotas, time limits and much more for access to network resources and the Internet.

  • Guest Management

    Automate guest user management through custom workflows for self-registration, credential delivery through SMS and usage policy management.

  • Logs and Reports

    Get indepth analytics on the usage of network resources including user-wise, group-wise and session-wise reports.

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Jaze Cloud Wifi
Social Guest Wi-Fi and much more...

Jaze Cloud Wi-Fi solution empowers businesses to provide completely cloud-managed hotspots across distributed locations managed from a single dashboard with unique trending features.

  • Login Workflow

    Choose from multiple option to get your guest users online including pre-printed vouchers, SMS codes and even login with social network credentials.


    Our solution provides integration with any SMS gateway to send across unique codes to the user's mobile device to validate the users and get them online.

  • Social Marketing

    Get your users to LIKE and FOLLOW your social networking pages to establish social media connection with your users.

  • ADS

    Target your users with user specific, device specific and location specific ads to reach out to your target audience with offers and promotions.

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